The Tribe: Part 2 of A Boyhood Journey Every Man Needs

A year prior to My Oldest Son’s Journey, I was in a work meeting making listening sounds and wondering how to escape.  While mentally navigating the building’s air ducts to the rooftop, I had an epiphany. When each of my boys comes of age, we’ll set out together on a real, rugged … [Read more...]

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Men: A Simple Strategy to Better the World

For better or worse, men are the ones who change the world. Women, please don’t get me wrong. History reveals the fingerprints of strong women who have pressed their hands into humanity and improved the world over and again.  But men are different. We have a power to do substantial good in … [Read more...]

Best Journeys Quote and Pic

The Farewell Alaska Tour

A few weeks ago, 3 friends rode with me on what I call my Farewell Alaska Tour. It was a week on the road, camping in every season Alaska can offer.  A 1300 mile monument to remember the man I was when I moved here almost a decade ago, and how life has unfolded for me since. It was a different … [Read more...]


The Rules of Improvisation that will change your life and reduce belly fat

Improvisation:  [im-prov-is-a-shun] noun.  The act of improvising. The act of making something out of materials available, without previous planning. The creation or performance of a poem, play, music, etc., composing as one goes along. See also "MacGyver". There is no doubt that a … [Read more...]

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The tension between what is … and what isn’t

Ask a man about his dreams or passions.  When you push beyond the sex jokes, you’re likely to get little more than a hollow stare.  At least that’s what I get when I ask guys about their pursuits and passions.   Many of them have long forsaken their boyhood dreams in order to afford the … [Read more...]

Nate and Gabe

Rethinking Strength: Embracing Weakness

This article is by my friend Nate Nicholls. Gabe has mentioned her health problems and the lessons she’s learned from them. I have had my own set of hard times, taking care of Gabe while she’s been ill. In one sense it’s been hard taking care of her because of the things I miss out … [Read more...]

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A Boyhood Journey Every Man Needs

Toby: I want us to celebrate your 14th birthday by doing a real, tough adventure that no other 14-year-old boys have ever done before.  If you could choose anything, what do you want to do?  … extended pause … Elijah: I want to go on a super long bike trip.  But I don’t wanna ride on … [Read more...]

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Living Out Loud … by Ben the welder

The following is from a friend who is a dad, husband, storyteller, skater, wakeboarder, etc., etc.  There's no doubt that Ben the Welder is old school, like MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife.  He's an old geezer in a young man's body, and if you read close enough you'll detect the slight smell … [Read more...]

frican Elephant Walking on Savanna, Marakele National Park, Sout

No Bull: Thug Boys and Hooligan Elephants

Men are more important to our culture than just for breeding and opening jars. Even nature teaches this to us.  In less than a decade (1991-2001), 63 rhinos were killed by young hooligan male elephants in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi conservation park in South Africa.  It seems that these maturing … [Read more...]


The Adventurous & Noble Man

The Adventurous & Noble Man is the working title for a book/web project I've been working on for a while. Here's a sneak peek and an invitation to join in its making. It’s been said time and again, we have enough boys … but whatever happened to all the men? There still are a number … [Read more...]