The Adventurous & Noble Man


The Adventurous & Noble Man is the working title for a book/web project I’ve been working on for a while.

Here’s a sneak peek and an invitation to join in its making.

It’s been said time and again, we have enough boys … but whatever happened to all the men?

There still are a number of good men out there, but there’s no doubt that many guys today really struggle in knowing who they are as men. They flounder about in life because of too many unresolved questions about their role.

Coming soon, you can read (and watch*) firsthand interviews with men from various backgrounds and cultures addressing what they feel is the essence of manhood. The Adventurous and Noble Man is a book full of stories and advice that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as grandpas with gumption, vets with nightmares, adventurists, celebrities and normal guys tell their own stories and homespun wisdom about being a man. It’s a front row seat to a fireside chat.

As for the most interesting man in the world? You decide. It is said that when he drives a new car off the lot, it increases in value. He also lives vicariously through himself.

*Full length video interviews will be made available on the website. In addition you’ll be able to watch behind the scenes footage, comments and stories not included in the book.

Join the project!

I chose to use a wide variety of men for this project because I believe there isn’t just one way to be a man, so there shouldn’t be just one perspective.

I’m always looking for men (known or not) who have great stories of overcoming hardships, making tough decisions, or venturing into the unknown. Help me capture the stories of those men who were not passive when decisions needed to be made, when action was necessary, or when adventure called and they answered.  Stories inspire!

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email with a brief explanation or story, along with your contact info.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Toby, this is a fantastic idea. I’ve seen other books out there on being a man and they are either way too heady and guys don’t read them, or they are too cheesy and probably penned by some wife out there who wants men to become her ideal man.
    Kudos! And keep it real.

  2. Toby-

    What a great idea for a book. Seems like a fun project to put together; interviewing brave, noble, and adventurous men. You’re one of the most adventurous men I know, so it ought to be like talking to brothers for you.

    I would like to humbly and with the purest intentions weigh in on the title. I heard a great quote last week, “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” That’s been eating me up ever since, because I think I play that card at times. I’m not saying that More Than Balls is vulgar by today’s standards, but it’s possible that it sets the tone for a book that is not what you intend yours to be and does not fairly represent your intelligence, wit, or efforts that have/will be put into this project. To be honest, if I saw a book about adventurous men titled More than Balls, I wouldn’t bother to pick it up because I would judge by the title that the book was full of low-brow, macho foolishness, and, though there is definitely a place for that type of reading in my life, a book with substance, which yours will undoubtedly be, ought not be considered one of those that would fill that dark place and may possibly be overlooked b/c of its tag. I’m just saying that the power of a title is immeasurable.

    Please don’t take this as criticism. I’m only offering an outside reader’s perspective. Regardless of wherever you land with the title, I wish you well on the project

  3. I love this book idea! And, I also agree with Ben. I can already see the potential in this book, but I am afraid you would lose alot of your target audience with the title. And, it may go over the heads of others…those who would benefit from reading this book. One of your video promo’s was titled “Measure of a Man” I think that is a fantastic book title. It’s simple but still holds a lot of power.

    Just a thought! I am excited to see more about the book, this is by far one of the best projects you’ve come up with!

  4. tobystevens says:

    As of this morning, I’ve removed “More than Balls” as the working title. It’s funny how different the input has been. Many conservative friends and family have emailed or called, elbowing me, winking, nudging, and suggesting that it was a crass or vulgar title. Another large portion of friends and have said, “Yes, right on! It fits perfectly!”

    Primarily, I wanted the title ought to be approachable and unoffensive to those men of varying degrees of civility that I plan to interview. It is their wisdom and experience that makes this project worthy.

    Thanks for the input!

  5. I like the new title, and think it will help reach more men/boys. I’m looking forward to reading/watching the interviews, and hope to get my hands on a copy of the book when finished. Keep up the good work Toby!