The Farewell Alaska Tour

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A few weeks ago, 3 friends rode with me on what I call my Farewell Alaska Tour.
It was a week on the road, camping in every season Alaska can offer.  A 1300 mile monument to remember the man I was when I moved here almost a decade ago, and how life has unfolded for me since.

It was a different journey for each of us.  I can’t speak for them, but for me it was a week of catching my breath after scrambling without a break for the last 8 months, finishing a home remodel and preparing to move our family to Lower America.  This Farewell Tour was a chance to ride through the land that has captivated me, and say goodbye.  All 4 of us withdrew into our helmets for hours on end, watching and smelling the seasonal changes at work in such a vast land.  It was a mental and emotional preparation for the next journey life was unfolding for each of us.

This photo is our campsite on Day 2, about Mile 90 on the Denali Highway, looking to the west at sunset.


  1. tobystevens says:

    In case you were wondering, sunset was about 12:30 am.